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Proffer - Online Community Volunteer and Task Management

What our users think

"The Seaford Volunteer Emergency Team is essentially a grassroots response to the challenges presented by COVID-19 to the 11,000 households in the town of Seaford. Receiving over five hundred calls in the first ten days led to the realisation that our Google sheet system of management was not up to the job. This is where Clare and Will from Hot Horse Ltd stepped in. In just a few days they created the web app that has become Proffer. It has transformed our ability to manage the tasks and volunteers. It’s simple to use yet, instinctive, innovative and highly secure. The app enables us to manage and direct the enormous outpouring of community goodwill that we’ve witnessed in the last month of putting the project together. It will also help us to track the impact of the project as we go forward"

The Reverend Arwen Folkes, SVET